Larry "Go Vikings" Taylor Speech at WWU Commencement
What does your Tech Fee provide? Computer labs, wifi, proposal fund, the STC plus three manly men! #wwustc #wwu #techsavy #manlymen #techfee
Come visit us at Red Square tomorrow! Grab a cup of coffee, snag a cookie and learn what the 2013 Tech Tonic is all about! #wwustc @westernwashingtonuniversity #wwu #techtonic #techie #students #cloudcomputing
Come check out laptops at the STC!! #laptops #studentcheckout #wwu #wwustc #springquarter
Cause and Effect by Do Ho Suh
Jerimiah Welch - Telepharmacy Demo
WWU's TJ Martin wins Oscar
WWU Alumni 2012 Highlights
Back2Bellingham 2012.mp4
Back2Bellingham Overview
Back2Bellingham Flash Mob
Haptic Interaction Design - connecting two people
Industrial Design in 1940: Walter Dorwin Teague's Design Firm d
Star Destroyer in Seattle - photoshop - combining images and environments
Viking Voice #1
Dell King Awarded IDSA Educator of the Year 2011
Industrial Design in 1940: Walter Dorwin Teague's Design Firm
Center for Canadian-American Studies on KUOW Weekday
Center for Canadian-American Studies on Cascade Radio Group Stations
40 Years of Canadian-American Studies at WWU
SixthSense for Truck Drivers by Mike Oldani
SixthSense for Museums by Ian Mayhew
ESC Awards Ceremony staff skit 2010
We had fun; it was the 60s....Part 2 of 2
Did you hear about the student who got lost in the library? Part 1 of 2
SixthSense for Search and Rescue by Dieter Amick
Form Function
SixthSense for Autism by Tim Byrne
SixthSense for Driving by Kyle Thomas
SixthSense for the Memory Impaired by Cecilia Forsgren
SixthSense Concepts
SixthSense for the Classroom by Tom Kloucek
Hoima Bicycle Project
SixthSense for Construction by Billy Losleben

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